What We Do


We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions

-David Walmaley

Financial reports tell the history of your business. Most accountants are historians.

We aren’t most accountants. We aren’t just historians. We help you write YOUR history!

Insights are gleaned from looking to the past. But…


Cash Flow Projections

“Balance sheets and income statements are fiction; cash flow is reality.” (Chris Chocola)

We put this one top of the list. Because without cash your doors will close. You can only beg, borrow or steal so much cash.

Cash Flow and Profit are not the same thing. Your business can show a profit (which means you probably owe income taxes) and still have no cash in your checking account!

Every business owner needs to know when money is coming in (customer paying their bills, daily sales) and when money is going out (vendor bills, payroll, maybe even a little something for the owner?)

We look at your accounting data and map out how much money you’ll need and when. And we can help you with a strategy designed to keep your cash flow positive!

Budgets. We think budgets are liberating! A budget lets you plan for buying a new computer or that additional delivery truck. A budget tells you if your business can afford that big-screen TV for the conference room. (Which you will only use for business presentations. Promise. Cross your heart.)

Tracking your actual financial numbers against your budget tells you how good you are at “guess-timating”. Seriously, it is essential that you know if what you have earned and spent is tracking to your plan. Sales not meeting expectation? Better put that big-screen TV purchase on hold…

We help you build a realistic budget the you (hopefully) can live with. We then help you understand how your business is doing against that budget, why the difference (maybe you bought two big-screen TVs?) and we can offer suggestions for getting back on track.

Forecasting. Hopefully we can help you do this at least as well as the meteorologists on TV. The truth is, forecasts in the short term are great. The farther out you go the more ‘wild-ass’ the guesses become. A 24-hour weather forecast is usually spot-on while the 10-day forecast only an educated guess. Go out further and you’re thumbing the pages of the Farmers’ Almanac.

Same can be said about forecasts for your business. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. Especially when you’re considering making a strategic change – adding a salesperson, giving people raises, changing prices, creating a new marketing campaign.

We can help you model how making those kinds of changes might affect your business.