Who We Work With

Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.

– Kevin Stirtz

Since we opened our digital doors in 2003, we’ve worked with a variety of clients. A Jewelry Designer and a Firearms Dealer. A Ski Boot Manufacturer and a Home Stager.

Over the years we’ve identified the type of client we work with best.

We’ve found that we work best with business owners that:

are open to discussion. Tell us your business goals, life dreams, what’s causing pain and what’s working well. We need to know what you want to accomplish and where you need help. Then we can start to design a plan to help you achieve it.

…like and use technology. You don’t have to have the latest tech, but if you are still using a Blackberry we’re probably not a good fit.

are willing to change. If you won’t change then you won’t get a different result. Google “Insanity”.

will make the investment to achieve results. We’re not only talking about money here. We’re also talking about spending your time, energy, focus and effort to make your change happen.

Likewise, we’ve identified the type of business that we are best able to help…

…Professional Services. What kind of business is that? Any business that provides a service, rather than goods, to another business or customers. If you’re a manufacturing, wholesale, or retail business we can refer you to another firm. There are accountants that are very good with inventory and sales tax. We’re just not them.

…Annual revenues of $750,000 to $5,000,000. Smaller businesses hesitate to make the investment, larger companies are ready (and able) to bring their accounting in-house, but medium sized business are just right.

…10-50 employees. As Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) would say; this is more of a ‘guideline’. We have worked with smaller companies, but as a company adds employees it is very important that the workflows ‘flow’.

When we work with a business, we do our best to teach how important financial management is to the survival of any company. Just like a company won’t thrive without marketing or production, a company without a solid financial management system can find themselves in deep water without a life vest.